Thank you to everyone who joined us for our board meeting last Wednesday, September 19th at ISNA. 
Below are the notes from the meeting for those who were not able to attend!

1. New Principal: Fall semester should serve as a transition period for the current Vice Principal or any other staff members who are interested. Please speak to Sr Afsheen regarding this matter, as she will continue her position throughout the remainder of the semester.
2. New Students: By spreading the word and bringing awareness to the stability we have achieved & ISNA's support of the school, our registration has begun to slowly increase. Insha'Allah the goal is the take care of the students we have and take advantage of the low teacher to student ratio to produce the absolute best quality of education we can offer.
3. Administrative & Staff Responsibilities: Throughout fall semester, staff will work towards creating documents that outline job descriptions to help further cement the different roles and responsibilities within the school
4. Punctuality: Al Iman will establish a tardy system that will be put into effect in the upcoming weeks. Parents will be required to sign in their students if they arrive late to either the day school or the Sunday school.
5. Curriculum: We must ensure that frequent changes to the curriculum are avoided; the longer we can stick to a stable curriculum, the more knowledge our students will gain. However, ISNA will use its resources to bring in a professional to review and approve the final curriculum. 
*There was some discussion as to the importance of learning conversational Arabic vs Quranic Arabic, and many teachers and parents feel that they would initially prefer students to focus on Quranic Arabic.

We encourage parents and teachers to continue sharing their thoughts and providing constructive feedback at any time! Please feel free to begin a discussion below this post or send an email with questions or concerns to

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